Kalampierre Kiosk on Etsy

I opened Kalampierre Kiosk on Etsy in May 2020 – a short while after the nationwide coronavirus lockdown in England started. At that time, I was pottering around the house in Brighton, checking the news every hour and obsessively biting my nails until I stumbled upon a sewing machine. Appropriate for the times we were living in, I decided to make a few face masks for the household and soon found myself making face masks for the entire neighbourhood. With my first profits from selling face masks I bought myself my own sewing machine – wonderful, smooth Janome.

When I opened up the Kiosk on Etsy – things just took off! I was making jewellery inspired by my favourite flowers – daisies. I was sewing hats and collars named after the most wonderful Kalampierre girls I imagined – Anjelica, Cora and Maisie, and delivering them to customers around the world. My grandma and mum joined in and started making wonderful knitted scarves, berets and lace collars. Kalampierre has become a special world to me – the one I am so happy to share with you. And so I continue to sew from my hallway sewing station and type to you from my desk in my bedroom in Highbury, London.

To have a look at what Kalampierre Kiosk has to offer at the moment, click on the button bellow. Make sure to subscribe to the Monthly Letter to receive special offers and discount codes for the Kiosk. And in case you would like a bespoke Kalampierre hat or a collar or anything else entirely, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will make sure to do my best to make your wishes come true.


This finally arrived in the mail today, and it’s so beautiful! Quality is immaculate and I’ve spent the afternoon putting together outfits with my MAISIE collar. In love, thanks so much!

I got it as a gift for my friend. It’s so beautifully made and fits SO GOOD.

Beautifully made collar. Really friendly and helpful with finding the right size for me. Love wearing this and the long tie means it can be made into a cute bow.

I am completely in LOVE with my Cora hat! It’s fabulous and warm and can be styled with everything! Val is amazing in her communication and her caring approach to each customer.Get yourselves anything that Val makes, it’s unique and made with love and care.