Kalampierre Kiosk

I opened Kalampierre Kiosk on Etsy in May 2020 – a short while after the nationwide coronavirus lockdown in England started. At that time, I was pottering around the house in Brighton, checking the news every hour and obsessively biting my nails until I stumbled upon a sewing machine. Appropriate for the times we were living in, I decided to make a few face masks for the household and soon found myself making face masks for the entire neighbourhood. With my first profits from selling face masks I bought myself my own sewing machine – wonderful, smooth Janome.

When I opened up the Kiosk on Etsy – things just took off! I was making jewellery inspired by my favourite flowers – daisies. I was sewing hats and collars named after the most wonderful Kalampierre girls I imagined – Anjelica, Cora and Maisie, and delivering them to customers around the world. My grandma and mum joined in and started making wonderful knitted scarves, berets and lace collars. Kalampierre has become a special world to me – the one I am so happy to share with you. And so I continue to sew from my hallway sewing station and type to you from my desk in my bedroom in Highbury, London.

In case you would like a bespoke item, feel free to message me on Etsy or Instagram! You can also email me at val@kalampierre.com .